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July 18, 2013
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Yveltal TF

Oh, hi. Wait, don't run! I won't hurt you! Unprovoked, anyways.

C'mon, stay a while. I get so lonely up here.

See, was that so hard? You wanna hear a crazy but true story?

No? Too bad!

Okay, so believe it or not, I used to be a human, a Trainer, just like you.

No, I am not trying to mess with your head!

My name was... is, I mean, Jack Sinzu. I was pretty awesome, especially when Luna, my shiny Umbreon and close friend, was on the field. Damn, there I go, rambling on. Let's just get to the point.

So, it was a full moon night. Luna was walking by my side. She always liked... I mean likes the moon. A random Trainer challenged me. Luna and I wiped the floor with him and continued on.

Yes, it was that easy!

We had been walking around for weeks, hoping and praying that we'd come across some form of civilization. Guess what? We didn't. It started to rain, and neither of us wanted that, so we ran into a nearby cave. Hephaestus, my Torkoal, lit a fire and my team and I tried to stay as warm as we could. Eventually, after everyone was asleep, but me and Luna were still up. I got bored, so I decided to see what was deeper into the cave.

I'm getting to the good part. Hehehe..

So, I found this huge mural, depicting some kind of blue deer Pokemon fighting a red avian Pokemon. I touched the avian... And the whole wall slid away. This was no cave, it was some kind of abandoned research center!

D-don't look at me like I'm making this up!!

So I, being the curious guy I am, went down into this place. Most of the lights were dead or broken, and the working ones were either dim or flickering on and off. I wondered why this place was abandoned in the first place, and still do to this day. Anyways, I wandered into what I think was a testing ground. I absentmindedly pressed a few buttons, and suddenly a mechanical arm grabbed my own.

"Subject detected. Initiating test."

A syringe filled with a red-and-black fluid flipped out of one of the arm's plates, and injected itself into my wrist. I felt my arm start to burn, and I tore it out of the mechanical one.

I took one look at it, and knew this wasn't right. My arm had taken on a deep red color with a crooked black line down the middle that split in three at the elbow on the inside, and just black on the outside. It had swelled to an impossible size, my fingers growing long, jagged, and thicker. My wrist had been lost to my arm's deformed shape. Three spikes had grown about a third up my arm. And it was HEAVY. It was thicker and longer than my body, and I just couldn't lift it. The red and black spread to my chest, and my shoulders grew much broader. My muscle mass started to set in , allowing me to move my arm. Then I realized my head was almost at the ceiling. I had grown so much, and my three normal limbs and head were so small compared to my arm and body. Of course, it didn't last long. My neck grew a good deal longer as the color traveled up it and onto my head. My hair fell out, which sucked. My face was stretched into a sort of beak, and my eyes turned from yellow to green. A pair of half-disc shaped horns grew out of my head, as well as a pair that went straight back. A huge amount of stormy grey fur sprouted around my neck. I felt my arm swell up and lengthen. My fingers became crooked digits, and three spikes flared out. All that was left were my legs. Oddly, they only grew longer, not swelling. There was an audible crack when my knees reversed, so they bend forward, like elbows. Black growths sprouted from my thighs. My toes cracked and grew and fused into two razor sharp talons. Thirds spontaneously ripped themselves out of my heels. I had predatory talons. I thought it was over, but noooo.  A huuuge tail tore out of my spine, by the time it was done, it looked exactly like my arms. It even felt like a third arm. Now it was over, and I passed out.

When I came to, my team was just there. Staring at me with terror filled faces, like I was some kind of monster. I was at a loss for words.

After a few awkward minutes, Luna stepped forward. "Did you... Did you find a human last night? Male, blue hair, yellow eyes?"

"Luna..." Bessie, my Miltank, pointed to the torn up clothing next to me.

She looked at them, then me, then back to them. She started sobbing.

"I-it's not what you thi-"

"Shut up!" She ran away crying.

So that's the story of why I'm a giant death bird. You like?

Cool, now why are you here anyways? Not many people come here... Oh, you want to capture me, don't you. Sorry, amigo, that is not happening.
My second gen. VI TF! And guess who's that narrator? MEEEE!! Damn, I'm excitable.
What do I do when I remember why Trainers seek out Legendaries? Hehehe... that is up to the imagination.
In this story I'm a Lemony Narrator... right?
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