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February 25, 2013
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"Are you sure this is the right world, Sora?"

"Well, I can't exactly pick out where the Wayfinder will take us..."

"You have no idea where we are, do you?"

"Nope. Nothing."

Sora and Riku had set out to find Neku's world, but to no avail.

"Hey, we should at least have an idea of where we are, right? Maybe this world has a Heartless problem." Sora noticed someone walking past the duo. "Hey! You! Guy!"

Riku laughed. "Always trying to make friends everywhere you go. Seriously, you need to calm down when you get somewhere new."

It wasn't long for Sora to lose the guy. "Hey," he said, panting, "good things never change." They shared a laugh as the Wayfinder began glowing.

"Huh? It's never been that quick before," Riku said just before it shot them to another world.

Slowly, Riku regained consciousness. "Ungh... That was pretty rough..." He stood up and looked around. He was in a city somewhere. He also noticed he had a new outfit. Now he had a white vest with a new design. It was two half-circles with a small circle in the middle. The vest was unzipped over a black long-sleeved shirt. He had a pair of faded jeans and some sneakers. The newest thing was a black bandana with the same design as his vest. He also noticed he had some sort of capsule on his belt. "Wonder what kind of world this is. Any ideas, Sora?" No response. "C'mon, don't tell me you're in that Dream World again." He turned around, and Sora wasn't there. Now he was worried. "No. Sora! Soraaaa!!!" He desperately shouted for his friend, praying for a response, but not getting one. At least, not one he wanted.

"Hey, could ya keep it down? You wanna wake up the entire region?" Riku had unfortunately attracted the attention of a local.

"For crying out loud... My best friend just went missing!"

"All right then. I'll help you out. On one condition."

Riku rolled his eyes. "Which is..?"

The local pulled a capsule off his belt and pressed a button, causing it to almost double in size. "You have to beat one of my Pokemon. Trust me, I'm being generous. Only one person has ever beaten my whole team."

"Fine, whatever. I'm pretty sure I've literally taken down tougher opponents in my sleep."

"Dream on, pretty boy! Pikachu, go!" He threw his capsule into the air and a yellow rodent-like creature with a lightning-bolt shaped tail materialized. "Think you can handle this?"

"I know I can," Riku said as he summoned his Keyblade, catching the local off guard.

"What the... You... aren't going to use one of your Pokemon? And what in Arceus' name is that thing? I'm pretty sure that's against League regulations!"

"Hey, you challenged me. Let's just say we do things different where I'm from. Now, is your whatever-you-called-it going to do anything or just sit around looking cute?"

"All right then, have it your way. Pikachu, Volt Tackle!"

Pikachu charged at Riku and his entire body became surrounded by electrical energy. "PikapikapikapikapikaCHUUUU!!!"

Riku took the hit head-on, not expecting such a small thing to be that strong. "This might be difficult... Firaga!" He shot a massive fireball from his Keyblade.

"Quick Attack to get out of the way!"

"I don't think so! Zero Graviza!" Pikachu was caught in the anti-gravity field and the fireball landed a direct hit. Riku ran in close and landed a few hits with his Keyblade, KOing the mon.

"...P-Pikachu... Return..." The local was in shock. Nobody had ever taken down one of his Pokemon so quickly and effortlessly. He returned Pikachu to his Pokeball. "...Just give me a second... I've gotta heal up Pikachu..."

"I'm Riku, by the way."


"Agh... What a ride..." Sora woke up from quite possibly the worst trip he had ever taken via Wayfinder. "Guess I should tell King Mickey his Wayfinder might need a tune-up..." Now fully awake, he found himself in a metropolis filled with people. He was fine for about one second, which is how long it took him to notice that everything seemed much larger than it should. Sora, to his surprise, found that this was one of the worlds that gave him a completely new form. Sora had become a Pikachu, the only thing stting him apart from others was his crown necklace. "Okay... this is new. I ought to ask around, see if I can find Riku." The thought occurred to Sora that Riku may be in a form he wouldn't recognize, but hoped they would meet anyways. Even if Riku had changed, their friendship wouldn't. "Hey! Hello! Someone!" Unknown to Sora, what he just said was heard to everyone around him as "Chu! Pika! Kachu!" A few people glanced at him, but they would quickly return to their business. "Kay then, time for Plan B. This should get someone's attention," he said as he summoned his Keyblade. Much to his dismay, it hadn't been resized to fit his new body. The only people who noticed just thought it was a Pokemon acting like an idiot for food.

"Ha! What do you call that!?"

Sora turned to find a beetle-looking thing. "Back off! I'm new here, all right?"

"Ah, there you are, Karrablast!" A guy in quite possibly the most ridiculous outfit Sora had ever seen picked up the offender and gave him a massive bear hug. "Don't go running off like that again! I was so worried!"

"Ulp! Choking! Not breathing!"

"And I see you've made a friend! Hello, Pikachu!"

Sora was even more confused. "Pikachu... My name's Sora."

"Why not come down with us for a bite to eat? Yes, that's what you want! Come along now!" He grabbed Sora by the wrist and dragged him to his place.

"No, really, I'm fiiiiine!"

"Get used to it," Karrablast said. "Unless you already have a Trainer, you're stuck with Burgh."

"But! I! Have! To! Find! Riku!" Sora was desperately trying to escape Burgh's grip.

Back in the Pokemon Center, Riku was explaining who he was to Red. "So, let me get this straight: You're from another world."

"Yeah. Don't tell ANYBODY."

"No sweat. Normally I'm silent. Today is an extremely rare exception. But honestly, you're an alien? The closest I've found were this one Pokemon, Deoxys, that's basically a mutant space virus. There's also Kyurem, which I heard came out of a meteorite."

Riku was working on the concept of Pokemon. How ordinary people could effectively capture and command these creatures with supernatural powers was beyond him. "Well, I never thought of myself as an alien on other planets. Trust me, I've been to a lot."

"How did you get here, anyways? Do you have a spaceship or something?"

"Usually, that would be the case, but no. Sora and I got here with this device we borrowed from Ki- a friend."

"King. You have a king on your world." Red thought he was putting this together.

"No," Riku replied, shattering Red's theory. "He's the King of another world. Anyways, it's dangerous for me to tell you all this, so let's stop talking before someone starts eavesdropping."

"Mr. Red?" The Nurse Joy had walked in. "Your Pikachu is all healed up."

"Thanks, Nurse."

She bowed. "We hope to see you again."

"Well, if you're staying here, you'll need a Pokemon. Wait, you have a Pokeball right there on your belt..."

"Oh yeah, that." Riku still wasn't sure why that was there. "It came with the outfit."

"All right, you can borrow one of mine until you catch your own. If you shoot fireballs and whatnot with that crazy sword you have, people will get suspicious. So here's Venusaur," Red said as he handed Riku a Pokeball. "And by the way, this is Nimbasa City. To the south is Castelia City, to the east is Black City, and to the west is Driftveil City, which is where I'm going."

"Right. Thanks, Red. But I can catch a Pokemon on my own, I don't need Venusaur when I have a Keyblade. Hey, clerk, how much is an empty Pokeball?"

"200 Pokedollars," replied the shop clerk.

"Okay, all I have is Munny. Do you take Munny?"

"What kind of idiot do you think I am? The whole world uses Pokedollars, and calling your fake currency "money" doesn't help."


"Here, get him ten," Red said as he threw a wad of bills on the counter. "Be more careful next time! Do all worlds use the same money? No!"

"Actually, all the other worlds I've been to use Munny. You haven't been anywhere off this world, so shut up."

"How many times do I have to say it!? My name is Sora, not Pikachu!"

"He can't understand you," Karrablast explained. "No humans can. So just act as cute as you look and you'll be just fine."

"Agh! This sucks!!" Sora's out-of-character burst of rage took physical form as a lightning bolt, KOing Burgh. "Wait, did I just do that?"

"Uh, yeah. You're a Pikachu, you idiot. That was an impressive Thunderbolt, though."

"Whatever. I'm outta here," Sora said as he began climbing down the building. "And Karrablast, I'm only a Pikachu when I'm on this world. It's kind of a long story."

"Wait, what? What do you mean by this world?" But Sora was already a few floors down.

"All right, if I'm here, then Riku can't be far. Maybe I should just look outside this city. Yeah, that's an idea!" With his mind set, Sora ran to the northernmost exit. Beyond a short desert area, there was a much smaller city. Sora saw two people. One was wearing mostly red, and the other Sora recognized. "Riku! Rikuuu!!"

"Pika! Pikaaa!"

"Huh? You say something, Pikachu?"

Red rolled his eyes. "I put Pikachu in his Pokeball, remember? Probably ran away from the Gym or something. Nothing to get worked up about."

The Pikachu kept running and stopped at Riku. "Pika! Pika pi pikachu kachu pikachu!"

"Uh, slow down, little guy."

The Pikachu looked at Riku confused. "Pika?"

"Wait a minute," Riku saud as he noticed a crown necklace. "Sora?"


"Whoa whoa whoa. This is that guy you're looking for? I thought you didn't know what Pokemon were. So how is your friend a Pikachu?"

"Well, Red, normally Sora is a human. He has this enchantment on him that makes it so on certain worlds he gets a new form to better fit in."

"Pikachu!" Sora summoned his Keyblade to prove it. Once again, it was much to big for him.

"Except his Keyblade gets to the right size usually. Say, you wouldn't happen to have one of those psychic Pokemon you told me about, would you? To translate what Sora's saying."

"Well, I do have one," Red said as he nervously looked around. "but I don't send him out unless I really, REALLY, need him. He's just too powerful. But I can kind of understand my other Pokemon, considering I've been with them for seven years."

"Then send one out! I want to know what my best friend is saying!"

"Okay, okay, calm down, alien. Pikachu, go!"

Sora was pretty surprised when another Pikachu just materialized. "What now, boss?"

"Just tell me what Sora's saying. I understand you better than him."

"Uh, where are we?"

Pikachu repeated. "If you must know, this is Nimbasa City."

"Riku, that guy called you 'alien'. Did you really tell him where we're from?"

Pikachu repeated to Red, who answered with a nod. "I know."

"Who's the guy?"

Repeat. "He's Red. Apparently he's a Pokemon League Champion."

A few questions later, shadowy creatures materialized and surrounded the quartet.

"Wha- Dark-Type Pokemon?" Pikachu had no idea what these were.

"Worse," Sora answered. "Heartless!"

"Finally, some excitement," Riku said as he summoned his Keyblade and picked up Sora's, which was still on the ground. "Red, Pikachu, you two stay back. Sora and I've been fighting these things for years. Let the professionals handle it." That said, Riku attacked the nearest Heartless with an x-slash. Sora, using his experience with the Thunder-class spells, electrified a few Heartless at once. In no time at all, the duo had taken down the creatures.

A mysterious coated character watched our heroes. "Hmm. Interesting. If Red's joined forces with these boys, my plan could become... difficult..."

"Yikes, you destroyed those things," Red said in awe.

"It was nothing," Riku replied while waving a hand.

"Pika!" Sora added enthusiastically.

"Well, I've gotta get to Driftveil. See you guys."

"Wait! We don't really have much of a way off this world until the Wayfinder wants us to. Maybe we'll find something if we stick with you."


"Fine. But I'm kind of a danger magnet."

Sora shook his head. "Pika pikachu."

"Sora and I also have that problem."

"In that case I welcome your company. Pikachu, I want you to give Sora private lessons. He could be stuck here for a while."

"Pika!" Pikachu wondered what being the teacher instead of the student was like.

"All right, let's start off simple. This is Quick Attack." Pikachu ran at a nearby signpost at a near invisible speed and sliced it in half with his tail. "Get the picture?"

"Sure..." Sora tried it out and found he could reach a ridiculous (some would say ludicrous) speed easily. He slammed his tail into Pikachu, but was disappointed when there was little effect. "Uh oh. Did I do something wrong?"

"No," Pikachu explained with a wave of his paw, "it's just that you're pretty low-level, and I'm level 100."

"Who are you calling low-level?!"

"Anyways, this is Iron Tail." Pikachu's tail glowed and took on a slightly metallic look. Pikachu did a somersault in midair, making a clean slice through the concrete ground.

"Okay, let's try this." Sora stiffened his tail (no sexual innuendo intendo) and tried the move Pikachu did. He ended up on his stomach, and even if he completed the somersault he hadn't, er, iron-ized his tail thus utterly failing.

Pikachu facepawed. "Looks like this calls for a training montage..."

"Where are Sora and Pikachu? I haven't seen 'em since we got to Driftveil."

"Well," Red explained, "they're in front of the Pokemon World Tournament, PWT for short, and by now Sora's either impressive for a Pokemon with no experience as a Pokemon or Pikachu's forced him into a training montage."

Riku cocked an eyebrow. "Are you sure Pikachu's, you know, in a proper mental state?"

Red shrugged it off. "He just happened to notice I left the TV on after falling asleep on the same night they were airing a Rocky marathon. They do have Rocky on your planet, right?"

That made sense to Riku. Rocky flicks were one of the few things that were on all developed worlds. He nodded. "So, wasn't I going to catch a Pokemon?"

"Yeah. It's easy. Lower HP, inflict a status condition if possible, throw Pokeball, cross fingers. Simple as that."

Armed with a veteran's advice, a Keyblade, and ten Pokeballs, Riku headed onto Route 6. He was almost instantly greeted by a mon. It was mostly covered in white fur, with dark blue skin showing on it's face. It also had red eyes and a crescent-shaped horn. It simply stared at Riku. He thought it looked strong, so Riku summoned his Keyblade."Lower HP," Riku said quietly to himself. He charged at the Pokemon and landed some pretty nice hits, as did the creature. Riku didn't have any status-based spells equipped, so he skipped to step three. He clicked the button on the Pokeball, causing the device to grow to the size of a baseball. He pitched it at his target. The ball shook three times followed by a *clunk*. Riku picked up the Pokeball. His first catch.

"So, I assume you found something by that grin."

"Wait, it's that obvious?" The duo laughed. Just like with Sora, Riku thought. "Yeah. Here it is." Riku released his Pokemon.


"An Absol?" Red looked worried. "You don't find those around here. Urban legend says they only leave their habitats to warn people about incoming disasters."

Riku sighed. "And here I thought this would be relaxing. I know the Heartless are here, but still."

"What are those Heartless things anyways?"

Riku explained what Heartless are. While he was at it, he also told Red about Nobodies. He didn't mention any of his personal experoences with any specific members of either race. "... So know you know."

"You are always blowing my mind, you know that?"

Meanwhile, Sora and Pikachu were being chased by a young trainer, mistaking them for wild Pokemon.

"Hey, this IS pretty decent training, right!?"

"I am never doing a training montage again!!" Sora narrowly dodged a Mud Shot.

"Excuse me," a man in a trench coat and fedora said coldly, "but I'm afraid these are my Pokemon."

Pikachu froze. "I know that voice."

"What? So, why are they out and about?"

The man chuckled. "They do not like confinement. I treat my partners with dignity."

Pikachu's cheeks began to crackle. "Of all people who would say that..."

"Who is that guy?"

"Only the ex-leader of Team Rocket, an organization dedicated to exploiting Pokemon in hopes of world domination."

The man took off his fedora. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Giovanni, former Gym Leader of Viridian City."

"Absol, Night Slash!"

"Sol! Absol!" Absol lunged at the wild Deerling, quickly slashing and getting a one-hit KO.

"Nice job! Return!" Riku tossed the ball, absorbing the Disaster Pokemon into it. "I may never get used to that."

"Which one, commanding a Pokemon or the dematerialization?"

"Both. I fight my own battles, and the second thing's just unnerving. Where do they even go?"

Red scratched his chin. "You know, I never really thought of that. If there's one guy who would know, it'd be my old pal Bill..."

"Whatever. Absol's pretty tough by now. Let's pick up Sora and Pikachu."

When the duo reached the PWT, their partners were nowhere to be found. "Maybe someone saw where they went," suggested Red. "Hey, kid! Did you see two Pikachu around here?"

"Uh, yeah. They belonged to Giovanni, that guy from the Kanto region." Red's eyes widened. "Hey, aren't you Red from Pallet Town?"

"No, I get that a lot. Thanks for the info!" Red grabbed Riku's wrist and sprinted to the nearest alley. "Holy Arceus, I thought I'd never find him. And he has Sora and Pikachu. We have to find him!"

"Slow down, Color-Boy. How long have you been famous?"

"Seven or eight years. And never call me 'Color-Boy' again. I'm older than you. Probably."

"Fine, now who's that Giovanni guy?"

"Pikachu, if this guy's as horrible as you say, why is he helping us?"

Pikachu looked at Sora like he was an idiot. "Because if he stuffed us in a bag or something it would be pretty suspicious." He looked around. "At the next block, we run for it."


Giovanni glanced back at the duo. "You should probably know that my researchers have developed a device for understanding Pokemon language, and I can hear everything you two are saying."

Sora and Pikachu looked at each other with an "Oh, crap" expression on both sides. "Run!" Pikachu screamed just before bolting off.

"Hey, wait up!" Sora ran after his friend.

"I don't think so," Giovanni said as he reached for a Pokeball. "Nidoking, begin pursuit!"

A massive purple reptilian creature materialized and gave chase to the electric mice.

"Gah! Sora, we've got company!" Pikachu was genuinely scared. Giovanni's Ground-Type Pokemon were some of the only things that did that.

"Can't we just electrocute him, like everything else?!"

"No! Ground-Types are the only things we can't do that to!"

Nidoking punched the ground, and Pikachu was caught in a geyser of lava and earth.

"Not agaaaaaaaaaiin!!!" Pikachu fell from a ridiculous height, bounced of the ground and rolled over a few times, KO'd.

"No! Pikachu!" Sora soon met the same fate as Pikachu.

Red's exposition was interrupted by a lava plume. "... and that's probably where they are and Pikachu and Sora have just gotten curb-stomped and we should get there before Giovanni takes them to wherever his new base is! Hang on, partner! I'm coming!!" With that, Red sprinted towards the lava plume, and another soon followed.

"Hey, wait for me," Riku shouted as he summoned his and Sora's Keyblades. They found Giovanni next to this purple monster, holding Pikachu and Sora in it's claws. Both were unconscious.

"Giovanni! You never change, do you?!"

"Fwahahaha! What, you thought I'd stop doing what I do best just because some little kid beat me? I think not. You just got lucky."

"Luck had nothing to do with it! You specifically said you couldn't face Team Rocket because I won against you. Three times. In. A. Row."

The two continued telling the other he was the superior battler. Riku took advantage of the distraction and flung his Keyblade at the monster. It roared in pain and dropped Sora and Pikachu.

"What?! Grr, useless Pokemon. Why do I even keep you around? Return!" The monster was absorbed back into it's Pokeball. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but you four leave me no choice!" Giovanni pulled out two black and purple Pokeballs. "These are called Dark Balls. These have considerable effects on the Pokemon I catch with them. Observe!" He lobbed both devices at the still KO'd Sora and Pikachu, and successfully caught them.

"What?! How did you catch Pikachu? Pokeballs don't work on other Trainers' Pokemon!"

"These were custom-made, boy! Now let's see how your friends are doing," Giovanni said as he released both. They seemed at the peak of their strength, were more darkly colored, and didn't have any visible emotions. "Sora, use Thunderbolt on Riku!" Sora did exactly as instructed.

Riku rolled out of the way. "Sora! What did you do to him? Snap out of it, Sora!"

"Pikachu, use Thunder Wave on both Riku and Red!" Pikachu complied. Riku and Red found themselves unable to move. "Your friends no longer exist, fools. They are completely in my control. Be happy I allowed you to live. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a world to conquer. Pikachu, Sora, return!"

"Author, I don't care that I'm a character from an E-rated game! Damn, that sucked!" Red shouted in a fourth wall-breaking manner.

"Author? Red, are sure you're all right?"

"No! My partner and your best alien friend are freaking brainwashed by my nemesis! I am a little pissed!"

The duo was in the infirmary  at the Pokamon Center, recovering from electrical paralysis. Riku was mostly fine, but he was also used to the sort of thing. Red, on the other hand, never actually experienced any type of special attack. "It could've been worse. I've seen worse," Riku said as he thought of Ansem. "We'll get them back."

"Damn right, we will! Once I get my hands on Giovanni, I'll-"

"Mr. Red? You have a visitor."

Red stared at the Nurse Joy. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know how much you dislike the fourth wall."

"Em, never tell anyone I did that, kay? Who's the visitor?"

"Someone called Ethan."

Red's face spread into a grin. "Finally, someone I like! Let him in!"

A guy who looked slightly younger than Red walked in. "Hey, Red. Heard you got your ass handed to you."

"Nurse Joy, could you please leave?" She bowed and returned to the front desk. "I did not get my ass handed to me, because Giovanni is a cheating bastard!"

"That, I already knew. Elaborate."

"You remember my Pikachu, right?"

"One-hit KO'd my Feraligator in our first match. You don't forget things like that."

"Yeah, well, Giovanni made these crazy Pokeballs that work on caught Pokemon and brsinwash them. He did that to Pikachu and Sora, that guy's Pikachu."

Riku waved. "Hey. I'm Riku. And I'm not getting old, my hair's always been white."

"By the way, Riku's an alien."

Riku summoned his Keyblade and pointed it at Red. "I told you to tell no one."

Ethan backed up a little. "Easy, man. Red and I are part of this alliance of the strongest Trainers we can find. We all have three things in common: One, we're all League Champions. Two, we've each taken out an evil organization or two. Three, we each have a one-of-a-kind Legendary Pokemon. So far, we have six members including me and Red. I wouldn't tell you the third part if you weren't an alien, so I am not telling anyone you're visiting or visited. Kay?"

Riku put his Keyblade back into it's dimensional sheath. "Fine. If the secret gets out, I'll kill both of you."

"Red, I think you'll have to break Rule #3."

"What's Rule #3?"

"Under any circumstances, do not use your Legendary. I guess you're right. At least he'll enjoy it."

Ethan nodded.

"Esp! Espeon!"

"You picked up something, Espeon?"

Riku didn't know what Espeon found. It didn't even sniff around. She just stood outside with the wind coming from in front of her.

"Espeon can predict the future through air currents," Red explained.

Riku sighed. "This place just gets weirder and weirder. All right Espeon. Do you know where Sora is?"

Espeon nodded.

"All right, where?" Ethan pulled out a map of Unova. Espeon gestured at a location. "Relic Passage? Hear that guys? He's still close!"

The trio gave chase.

"Pikachu, return!" Giovanni had just completely destroyed an unsuspecting Trainer. "I'll take your money now." The kid threw some cash at Giovanni and scurried towards the nearest exit.

"Giovanni! Give Sora back now, or else!"

Giovanni chuckled. "Or else what, extraterrestrial?" He turned towards the trio. "I know you and your Pikachu aren't from this world. But I am a businessman. So, I'll make a trade with you, Ethan, and Red." He pulled out the two Dark Balls. "Give me Mewtwo, Suicune, and your weapon and I'll release Pikachu and Sora, plus I'll keep your little secret safe. Do we have a deal?"

Riku summoned his and Sora's Keyblades and equipped them with the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keychains, which he only used when he really meant business. Ethan and Red pulled a Pokeball off their belts.

"So, we do this the hard way. Very well. Pikachu, Sora, destroy them." He sent out his brainwashed minions.

"Pikachu, I took you out once and I can do it again. Donphan, go!" Ethan released an elephant-esque Pokemon.

"This is like Hollow Bastion all over again," Riku commented.

"I know I said I wouldn't do this but what the hell. Let's go, Mewtwo!" Red released his Legendary. It was this pink-and-purple alien-like creature with a death glare on Giovanni.

"We meet again, Giovanni," Mewtwo said telepathically.

"I've been looking forward to the day I'd finally put you back where you belong," Giovanni replied bitterly. "And just to make sure I would, I've arranged some... guests for our rematch." He snapped his fingers, and dozens of Heartless surrounded the trio.

"Red, you were right when you said Giovanni's a cheating bastard!" Riku hurled Oblivion at some Heartless, destroying a good number before he summoned it back. "I'll take care of these guys. You two beat Giovanni!"

Ethan nodded. "Donphan, use Earth Power!" Donphan stomped the ground. Ethan awaited the eruption.

"I don't think so. Pikachu, Sora, use Extreme Speed!" The minions moved so fast they were almost invisible. They ran behind Donphan and hit him into the eruption. Donphan survived, but just barely.

"Damn! Donphan, return!" Ethan recalled his mon. "How 'bout Espeon!" He released his Phychic-Type.

"Mewtwo, you can handle this on your own. I'll do my thing, you do yours." Mewtwo nodded and Red sent out his Venusaur. "Venusaur, use Frenzy Plant!" Venusaur summoned massive roots out of the ground, hitting the Pikachu with tremendous force. Mewtwo sent out a pinkish shockwave, demolishing them further.

"I believe this is where I should leave..." Giovanni began taking out the Dark Balls.

"Oh no, you don't! Espeon, keep him there! Psychic!" Espeon's eyes and the jewel on her forehead glowed, and Giovanni was surrounded by a bluish aura, keeping him from moving. Mewtwo said something to Espeon, and took Giovanni deeper into the cave. He left the Dark Balls and something else.

"You aren't going to get Mewtwo?" Riku asked. The few Heartless that hadn't been destroyed vanished into the shadows.

Red shook his head. "He'll be back. Besides, we have other things to worry about. Like how we'll get Sora and Pikachu back!"

"Actually, I think I know how. Keyblades can open any lock, so maybe I can use mine to release them." He pointed Oathkeeper and Oblivion at each of the Dark Balls. A white beam shot from each (again, no sexual innuendo intendo), followed by a low *clunk*. Sora and Pikachu regained their brighter colors and looked around.

"Wha... What happened?"

"Sora! It worked!"

Red grinned. "All right! Pikachu, next time, think before you go after a criminal mastermind. Do you have any idea how worried I was?!"

Pikachu laughed. "Fine, Boss. Uh, what did happen anyways?"

"Hey, what's this?" Riku noticed something shiny next to the Dark Balls. There were two items: an earpiece and a silver badge. He put in the earpiece.

"What's that, Riku?" Riku knew that voice: Sora. It was some kind of translator.

"Whoa. Sora, I can understand you again!"

"Seriously? Cool!"

"Now, what is this for?"

"That?" Red had noticed the discovery. "That's a Gym Badge. It's solid proof you've beaten a Gym Leader. I know you didn't really fight Giovanni, but if you didn't hold off those Heartless Ethan and I wouldn't have won."

"Ethan? Who's that? And what happened anyways? I just remember an explosion, then nothing."

Riku an Red looked at each other. "So, you don't remember what happened? It was some serious stuff, I'll tell you that. I'll explain when we're off this world."

Suddenly, the Badge started glowing. Sora grinned. "I think that's our ticket out of here." The world's Keyhole appeared in front of Sora and Riku. Riku pointed Oblivion at it, and locked it up. Two Keychains were left behind. One was a Pokeball, the other was a Pikachu tail.

"So, which do you want?"

Sora picked up the Pikachu tail. "This one. Think I'll call it Thunderbolt."

"Right. I'll call this Master Quest."

The Wayfinder started acting up. "Well, looks like we're done here."

"Wait," shouted Red. "You guys are leaving already?"

Riku nodded. "It was nice seeing you. We'll be back." Riku tossed Red one of his Pokeballs. "Take care of Absol until then, kay?"


There was a huge flash of light, and the duo was gone.
My first KH fanfic. After Dream Drop Distance, Sora and Riku have begun looking for Shibuya, Neku's homeworld, with King Mickey's Wayfinder. They end up in the world of Pokemon. Enjoy!
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logbed Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
They went to plaid!
Shodukai-Kunoichi Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is actually a good story, the only thing that I don't like is Pikachu calling Red "boss" xD
SinzutheGreat Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
What would you have him call Red?
Shodukai-Kunoichi Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I don't know, but I've always thought of Red being friends with his pokemon, not their "boss" xD
SinzutheGreat Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Have you seen the English dub of the fifth season of Digimon?
Shodukai-Kunoichi Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
No, I don't watch digimon...
It never really caught my fancy, I watched nearly a season and went "meh..."
SinzutheGreat Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Oh. Well, in the fifth season (which I highly recommend, along with the third) the protagonist's Digimon refers to him as "Boss" despite the fact that they're relationship isn't anything like a Master-and-Pet thing.
Shodukai-Kunoichi Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
But here we're talking about Red, he's the silent "nice guy" protagonist of generation 1 xD
I'd think his pokemon would call him by his name xD
SinzutheGreat Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Clearly he's not silent here... And I never thought of him as a total nice guy. Considering how totally he demolished Team Rocket...
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icedAeternum Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, great story! Felt like it was an actual Kingdom Hearts world. And the munny sounding like money part was hilarious. I want to draw Riku fighting Red's Pikachu :L
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